16 Things to Always Buy at Sam’s Club

16 Things to Always Buy at Sam's Club

Grab-and-go dinners

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Meal plan as you might, even the best-laid plans can sometimes fall apart (late night at the office, kid's extracurriculars, unexpectedly long commute, or even a serious case of not-craving-what-you'd-so-dutifully-planned-to-serve on insert-any-weeknight-here). Yes, you could order in and wait for lukewarm, over-priced delivery.

At Sam's, you won't feel guilty for going with your gut when you can feed a family of four for under $15. You can get a 16-inch freshly baked pizza, 2-liter soft drink, 12 cheesy breadsticks, and 6 chocolate chunk cookies for about the same price as a movie ticket! Insider tip: You don't need a membership to eat or pick up from the Sam's Club Café or these other Sam's Club options that are open to all.

Gift cards

Steak N Shake $50 Value Gift Cards - 2 x $25Via samsclub.com

Giving gift cards this year for the holidays? Instead of grabbing a few random ones near the pharmacy or grocery store register, peruse the selection of Sam's Club extreme value gift cards. With food and retail brands including Steak & Shake, Papa John's, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and even AMC Theater movie tickets, all at 20 percent off, you can strategize your savings in a major way. Sam's Club offers discounts on many national brand gift cards that you won't find at other large retailers including Disney, Apple, Google, Starbucks, Outback, AMC, Nintendo, Fandango, Taco Bell, and more! Not sure what to pick? Start with these 24 gift cards people actually want.

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Roses, Assorted Bicolor (125 stems)Via samsclub.com

Fancy a spray of fresh flowers to spruce up your holiday tablescape? SamsClub.com offers more than 1,600 different floral options ranging from classic roses in all colors to unique tropical varieties and seasonal favorites like peonies. Better yet, the store stands behind its quality with a 7-day fresh guarantee on fresh cut flowers—if your arrangement doesn't last seven days, you receive a full refund. When you consider that the prices are already 20 to 40 percent off what you'd find elsewhere, buying flowers turns out to be a blooming good deal!

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