25 Things In Your House Right Now That Could Be Worth Money

25 Things In Your House Right Now That Could Be Worth Money

Fender and Gibson guitars

Fender Guitar in the studio on the Amp, getting read to record live music.Steven Talamantes/Shutterstock

You may have given up your ambitions of being in a rock band, but that Gibson you plunked down cash for in high school is probably worth some serious bread today. "Vintage guitars from Fender and Gibson have remained popular over the years because they're easily the two most recognizable guitar brands," says Orkin. The price range is incredibly vast, but on Reverb, Orkin notes, Gibson guitars are consistently being bought and sold. A Gibson Les Paul from the 1950s can claim prices in the hundreds of thousands, Orkin says, while less-sought after brands and models may fetch hundreds.


BOLOGNA, ITALY - MARCH 7, 2018: Rolex Oyster Perpetual vintage woman watch. Rolex SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker, founded in Londonpio3/Shutterstock

"Watches are a lot like fancy cars—the big names are what you're looking for," says Dietrich. But it's the men's watches that people collect. Women's watches are jewelry and fashion and just not as desirable, she points out. And the more complex the men's watch, the more valuable it could be. "Hand wound, gold or platinum, more jewels, moon phases, stopwatch functionality, day and time, etc., are what buyers are looking for," notes Dietrich. You'll do even better if you have a Rolex, Patek Philippe, LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, or Movado. If you prize your old watches and wouldn't give them up for love or money, protect them by stashing them away in one of the genius secret hiding places in your home.

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