8 Confusing Road Signs That Even Driving School Instructors Get Wrong

8 Confusing Road Signs That Even Driving School Instructors Get Wrong

Inherently Low Emission Vehicles Allowed

Ingerently low emission vehicles allowedZooza/Shutterstock

This very no-nonsense sign is confusing because it is a lot of large words to read in a brief amount of time that you can safely look at it. Hopefully, this will help you recognize and speed-read this sign on sight. Per the MUTCD, it means Inherently Low Emission Vehicles (ILEVs), regardless of the number of occupants, are allowed to use the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane. The HOV lane is reserved for vehicles with multiple passengers, like buses, vans, and carpools, on highways with heavy traffic, intended to encourage more efficient forms of mass transportation. ILEVs have no fuel vapor emissions, so they're allowed to zip through traffic in the HOV lane as a reward for reducing vehicle-generated air pollution, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. So, take your little Prius and get on with your bad self! Don't have an ILEV? Then you still have to stick to the rules of the HOV lane—check out the strange ways some people have tried to cheat the lane. 

No Hitchhiking

No Hitchhikers road signHank Shiffman/Shutterstock

Thumb wrestling must be taken elsewhere. Absolutely no fun is to be had under any circumstance.  Just kidding! This sign simply means that there is no hitchhiking allowed in the area, and if you need a ride, you'll have to continue down the road to a pro-hitchhiking zone. 

Object Marker

object marker road sign street DebDotDaisy2/Shutterstock

There are no words or hieroglyphs to instruct you here and with its neon yellow stripes, this sign just sort of…wants your attention? Sometimes the diagonals slope to the left, sometimes to the right, alternating at whimsy, apparently. This is arguably the most confusing sign of the bunch because that assertion is exactly correct, this sign does just want your attention. As the MUTCD will tell you, this sign is just an object marker, and the diagonals are sloped towards whichever direction traffic is supposed to skirt around. Use your words, object marker! You might want to read up on this refresher on driving etiquette rules you might have forgotten since driver's ed as well. 

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