8 Things Polite People Don’t Do While Christmas Shopping

8 Things Polite People Don't Do While Christmas Shopping

Take things out on staff

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Holiday stress magnifies while you're rallying the last of the Christmas gifts for friends and family. Don't take any built-up anger or stress out on staffers during your shopping trip. "Retail staff is trying their hardest to ensure each shopper has a pleasant holiday shopping experience in their store," Tsai says. "We all would like to get everything on our list as quickly as possible, but remember that being rude will not get you where you need to go any quicker." Say please and thank you to employees who help you and remember these golden etiquette rules you should always practice.

Cut the line

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It's tempting to sneak into an open slot ahead of the line, but it's also very rude, according to Tsai. Always be courteous to other shoppers because they're also just trying to pay for their purchases," she says. Don't try to cut the line to leave sooner or get the answer to a question. Be respectful of all the other shoppers patiently waiting in line for their turn. Arguing with people about skipping the line only wastes more valuable time. Trying to cut the line is also one of the rudest things people do at the grocery store.

Argue with other shoppers

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Rude shoppers, and people in general, tend to act out, but Lisa Grotts, etiquette expert, author, and Golden Rules Gal, says not to take this personally. "It's not about you," she says. "Even though the holidays can trigger the stress of loss, money, or even a breakup, they don't argue as there could be a risk of rage." So if someone rudely skips the line or acts like a crazed, impatient shopper, don't add to the negativity with your own rude behavior. Positivity and thankfulness are key to get through these tricky holiday etiquette scenarios.

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