Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Are An Amateur Boxer

Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Are An Amateur Boxer

Admit it or not, we all grew up watching boxing and wrestling. While these are slightly on the aggressive side, the other form like kickboxing became popular for being low-intensity. A lot of women are learning this technique as it is a great self-defense exercise. But with learning comes challenges and mistakes that most of the beginners commit. If you are new to boxing and don't want to mess your health and fitness, you need to avoid some common mistakes.

To get maximal benefits from any exercise or sport, it is necessary that you know and understands the basics of that sport. Also, you should be aware of the points of mistake to avert any damage. From correct posture to the right technique, there are some common mistakes that amateurs generally commit. If you have a fitness goal to achieve, it is better that you do not do these mistakes.

Some common boxing mistakes

Keep your hands up always

A lot of new learners pout their hands down after throwing a punch which is wrong. This may reduce your speed and affect your performance. Your opponent might take advantage of this moment and attack you. Therefore, after every punch, bring your hands to the normal position and never put them down.


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Use the entire body to throw punches

The first and foremost thing that you learn in boxing is punches. A lot of beginners just use their hands to throw punches while keeping the body static, which is nothing but a major mistake. Boxing isn't just about arm punches but your whole body needs to be in sync for a good punch. Your legs, waist and hip all should be involved.

Ask your trainer the right posture to throw a punch and follow that. Generally, you need to give a slight bend to your knees, lightly twist your upper body and move the energy from your waist to upper body, and then hit a punch. This is an ideal punch.

Boxing technique

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Footwork holds great importance

As stated above, not only your hands but your entire body needs to be used in boxing. A better foot posture is important to throw a safe punch. There should be the shoulder-width difference between your legs. Also, you need to move them both while staying on your toes.

Watch your stance


If your stance breaks, you won't be able to punch properly. Follow the posture guidelines as stated in the above points to avoid this situation. Ensure that your left hand is straight and in front of your face while the right hand is near the chin.

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Never Hold Your Breath

Holding breath while throwing a punch is a bad idea. If you think this might help you punch harder, it is not. It will only affect the intensity of your punch. You need to breathe constantly to suffice your body's oxygen need.

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