How to Shave Up to 90 Percent Off Your Holiday Spending This Year

How to Shave Up to 90 Percent Off Your Holiday Spending This Year

Save up to 90 percent by making a game out of gift-giving

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While having so many wonderful people in your life to celebrate the holidays with is, well, wonderful, it can also be really expensive. That's why Brittany and Kelan Kline, the dynamic duo behind the personal finance blog The Savvy Couple, decided to change the rules of gift-giving—and save themselves up to 90 percent of what they'd spend otherwise. Instead of getting a gift for each and every family friend they wanted to see over the holidays, they decided to buy only one gift and host an annual white elephant party instead. This way, everybody still feels like they're part of the giving and receiving, but wallets aren't drained in the process. Plus, it's fun!

Take advantage of your wholesale-club membership

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Paying for a yearly price-club membership and not doing some of your holiday shopping there is the equivalent of throwing money down the drain. "Price clubs offer exclusive deals to their members that you can't get elsewhere," says Trae Bodge, a lifestyle journalist who specializes in smart shopping and personal finance. She also advocates for buying in bulk, which can save you up to 40 percent. Here's another useful money-saving tip you might not have thought of: Buy one giant gift basket and break it up into smaller gifts for hosts or teachers, suggests Bodge. By the way, here are 16 things to always buy at Sam's Club.

Populate your browser with money-saving extensions

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If you're shopping online this holiday season (and who isn't?), install a browser extension for even more savings. "By installing a free browser extension like Invisible Hand, you'll be alerted of better pricing elsewhere as you shop," says Bodge. "Savings could be a few cents or many dollars! Invisible Hand will also find and test coupons for you." Bodge also likes cash-back browser extensions like Rakuten or Swagbucks. As you shop, you'll be alerted to savings instantly. Don't miss these other easy ways to save money online.

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