Secure Your Health Without Going Heavy On Your Pocket

Secure Your Health Without Going Heavy On Your Pocket
Secure Your Health Without Going Heavy On Your Pocket

Do you have diabetes and went overboard this festive season? Here's how you can effectively manage diabetes without worrying much about the expenses

The festivities have just ended and the wedding season is around the corner which means there is no stopping to oily unhealthy foods and sweets that are a staple to celebration in India. Not to forget, as soon as the wedding jitters end for this year, it will be time for New Year celebrations. Due to this overindulgence, our health is sure to take a toll by the end of the year! This is particularly harmful to diabetics as they face hardships in controlling their sweet cravings and end up eating some portion of these sinful delicacies! Rest, we all know. Medicines and insulin injections become an inseparable part of their daily lives.

On the other hand, the wedding season means visits to distant relatives which again is a tedious task for diabetics. They need to stock up on their medicines before leaving the house which gets heavy on the pocket. This used to be problematic but with the arrival of online pharmacies like Medlife, it has become slightly easy to get medicines on the go, any time anywhere at the best price. These pharmacies stock up on all kinds of medicines that you may require for diabetes. 

Guide to a smart purchase

The price of prescription drugs has increased by a huge percentage. Here are some smart ways with which you can stalk up your medicines without spending heavy.

Get a health insurance cover

If you haven't got health insurance done, get it now. It is a must these days when the medical costs are soaring high making it difficult for us to bear them. An insurance cover would cover you in difficult times by providing you on-time treatment without any charges. Some insurers also cover prescription medicines for ailing patients which acts as an added advantage. Just check with your insurance provider if the medicines that you need on a regular basis are listed with them.

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Check for websites that offer discounts

We all live for discounts, right? It is always good to earn discounts on our purchase. Numerous pharma websites offer heavy discounts on medicines. For example, Medlife is offering a huge 40% off on diabetes medicines which is a really big deal! Not just that, they also offer attractive services such as free home delivery, regular at-home medical checkup, online consultation, etc. that their users can avail. This is highly convenient as you don't have to go anywhere for your medical needs.

Pay online

Cash-less payments are in which helps you to pay your bills with your cashless wallet. These are linked with your bank accounts where the money will be deducted directly from your bank account. You'll also earn additional discounts and cashback from them. Just how Medlife offer an extra 50% off on the bill if you pay through online wallets!

Compare the different brands of drugs

It may happen that you may get drugs of varied brands at pharmacies. It is best to consult your doctor before changing the brand of your medicine. Inform the doctor about the composition of the medicine of the various brands available in the market. Choose what the doctor says. 

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