World Immunization Day 2019: 3 Daily Habits To Boost Your Immune System

World Immunization Day 2019: 3 Daily Habits To Boost Your Immune System
World Immunization Day 2019: 3 Daily Habits To Boost Your Immune System

In terms of Ayurveda, the immune system is known as "Ojas". So it is believed that when the Ojas level is decreased, the immune system gets weaker and the body is more prone to diseases.

These days we hear a lot about eating etiquette that one must follow to lead a healthy life. A lot of researches are being done, seminars taking place, and all the health professionals are trying their best to instil the 'good eating habits' in people. However, we must fall back to the practices that were well documented in our texts and which are the precursors of all the methods people are talking about. Since ages, these practices have been followed by people who believe in Ayurveda, an ancient healthcare practice being developed in many parts of the country.

The ayurvedic practices are originated from the Vedic Culture in India, and the therapies are based out of various energies which are called "doshas". There are three types of doshas around which the Ayurveda practices revolve, and they are - pitta, Vata and Kapha. According to the ancient Ayurvedic texts, good immunity system is the core of healthy living. There is a long list of shreds of evidence and case studies which prove that Ayurvedic practices help in boosting up the immunity system.

The immune system in our body works as a natural defence system. It helps us to be healthy and protect our body from diseases. So to maintain the level of Ojas, Ayurveda focuses on strengthening immunity through a balanced lifestyle and recommends the below-mentioned strategies, which is also known as the five strongest pillars of immunity.

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Eat on time


  • The ideal time for lunch is midday when the sun reaches its peak, and the digestive organs perform best.
  • Always have light food at breakfast and dinner because digestion becomes slower in these hours.
  • Drink Natural water, i.e. without filtration with RO only simple candle. The filter can be used to purify the water. The primary source to improve immune system is natural water.

Choose the right food


  • Intelligent selection of food from a variety of options such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and dairy products.
  • If you choose fresh, unprocessed, whole or raw food, then your meal can provide desirable nutrition to your body and an ideal strength to Ojas (immunity).
  • Contrary to it, packaged food items that are processed, canned, and frozen are harder to digest, and thus create ama (toxins). 
  • Organically grown foods are best because they are not only free from harsh chemicals but also contain all the essential minerals.
  • Vegetarian proteins such as paneer (homemade cheese), milk, and pulses (split-moong dhal, lentils and other small, split beans) help to enhance immunity. But, meat is not a recommended protein because it is difficult to digest.

Maintaining regular workout routines


Most people try to cope up with this stress through alcohol and drug addiction which never work, excepting inviting more problems in life. In contrast, physical workout stimulates chemicals in the brain that helps you to relax and improves both physical and mental health.

(With inputs from Mohamad Yusuf N Shaikh, Founder Kudrati Ayurved Health Center)

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