10 Clever Ways to Shamelessly Regift This Holiday Season

10 Clever Ways to Shamelessly Regift This Holiday Season

Regifting isn't nearly as discourteous as you think it is, according to etiquette experts—as long as you do it right. Here's how to do it really well. (Consider it our gift to you!)

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Say thank you, no matter what

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Even if the original gift-giver missed the mark, they still put the time and effort into gleaning your interests and likes and turning those things into something concrete, simply because they harbor a fondness for you. That is deserving of some gratitude, even if the sweater isn't quite your style or you already read that book. According to The Emily Post Institute, "your 'thank you' should be gracious, but you don't want to lie. A better tack may be to avoid describing the gift in any way, stressing your appreciation instead." You can also use this interaction to mine some information about the item and ask where on God's green earth they found such a gift, so you can see research the store's return policy later if you don't think it's fit for regifting. By the way, this is the best time of the day to return Christmas gifts.

Don't give away meaningful gifts

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Family heirlooms, handmade gifts, and things truly inimitable are totally off-limits. If someone knits you a flawlessly hand-stitched scarf, but you have a weird thing about stuff touching your neck, you hang on to that thing regardless! It may seem like they're just bestowing a lovely garment, but what they're really gifting is their skill, thought, and time. You can replace fancy candles, housewares, and trinkets, but you absolutely cannot replace love or time! Consider how you would feel about a particular gift if you found out it had been given away.

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