15 Creative Ways to Package Homemade Holiday Treats

15 Creative Ways to Package Homemade Holiday Treats

Paper bag gingerbread house

brown paper bagcourtesy Tikkido.com

Seriously, how cute are these? Even the least crafty person on the planet can make these adorable gingerbread houses in a matter of minutes—and there's no baking required. Tikkido provides some simple directions to transform plain brown paper bags into fun, festive treat bags to hold cookies, candies, and other homemade goodies. If you want to make a real gingerbread house, try these 5 easy steps for creating the perfect homemade one.

"Sno-nut" treat box

sno-nutscourtesy Melissa Fallon, DesignEatRepeat.com

If you're not a baker but want to make an easy semi-homemade gift, you're in luck! Melissa of Design Eat Repeat has a creative way to turn homemade or store-bought donuts into snowflakes! Grab her free Sno-nuts tutorial and printable to make a memorable holiday gift. Of course, food isn't the only thing you can make for the holidays. Check out these 26 handmade gifts for everyone on your list.

Cookie mix in a jar

Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar, Layered Flour, Brown and Caster Sugar, Oats, Dried Cherries and Pistachios, sqaureTatiana Vorona/Shutterstock

Canning jars can be used for so much, including making an awesome vessel for gift-giving. Layer the dry ingredients from your favorite cookie recipe in a jar, cover the lid with a scrap of festive fabric, and secure it with a piece of twine or ribbon. Finish it off with a tiny evergreen clipping and a gift tag. This gift is simple, economical, and makes a pretty presentation. So, what should you put in there? Here are 17 Christmas cookie recipes for you to choose from—and to make for yourself, too.

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