18 Funny Christmas Jokes for the Merriest Holiday

18 Funny Christmas Jokes for the Merriest Holiday

One seven-year-old girl wrote this list, to which her dad added his thoughts.

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• "Black, light blue, green, purple, and pink North Faces." Five North Face jackets at 100 bucks each? Dream smaller. That is apparel meant for serious outdoorsmen who dangle from belayed ropes on the south face of K2. The outdoorsiest we get is when we roll down the window at the Wendy's drive-through.

• "A new radio." Done. I'll throw in my old Betamax collection as a stocking stuffer.

• "$1,000." You want cash? Clear the spiders out of the attic. I'll give you three bucks for it.

• "A light-up Razor scooter that is the color blue." "Dad, for Christmas, can I get hit by a car?"

• "A new canape that glows up." So, like, a glowing miniature crab cake with a toothpick in it? I could maybe do that.

• "A pet puppy border collie with a peace sign collar and a leash." Do you see any borders in this house that need patrolling, apart from the bathroom door when Daddy is having his alone time? No.

• "A black rist bange." I don't know what this is, but done. —Drew Magary, from deadspin.com

For more laughs, cracking some funny Christmas jokes will put the whole family in the holiday spirit.

Of course, gift giving may not be everyone's strong suit.

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One year, my father gave Mom a DVD. In and of itself it wasn't a bad gift, except a) it was a rental, and b) we didn't own a DVD player. —Amy Marshall Hodges, Canton, Michigan. These funny Christmas jokes are a good place to start, then move on to more funny holiday jokes.

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