50 Amazing Facts You Haven’t Heard 50 Times Before

50 Amazing Facts You Haven't Heard 50 Times Before

Bookmark this list of fascinating trivia facts for your next dinner party. You're guaranteed to impress all your guests.

"No way!"

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We live on a pretty spectacular planet. Between animals, weather, different cultures, food, politics, and history, there is so much to learn, including some fascinating trivia. If you're ever bored or want to impress someone, why not break out these 50 amazing facts that you haven't already heard 50 times before. You'll also want to know these 46 weird facts that most people don't know.

Fact: It would take 1.2 million mosquitoes to drain an adult human of blood

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If each mosquito only sucked once, there would have to be more than 1million of the little pests to get all of the blood out of a person. And yes: mosquitoes suck, they don't bite. Here's why certain people attract mosquitoes more than others.

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