Holiday Card Etiquette Rules You Should Stop Ignoring

Holiday Card Etiquette Rules You Should Stop Ignoring

A little lesson in manners to keep the season—and your holiday greetings—jolly and nice

It's that time of year

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Winter is officially upon us, which means that it's time to dust off the pen, paper, and stamps for a session of good, old-fashioned, hand-written holiday card signing. But whether you've chosen to go with modern photo cards or traditional boxed cards, there are etiquette rules that come along with sending out these joyous, end-of-the-year good wishes. We've turned to Jodi Smith, etiquette consultant, and Vikki Gutierrez Isaacson, owner of Playa Paper, to learn the holiday-card etiquette rules that will keep the season merry and bright.

No-boasting zone

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If you choose to include a few highlights from this past year in your holiday card, it's best to just stick to the facts—no need to boast or brag or include all of the details about your exotic vacations, awards you won at work, or the exact weight of your daughter's new engagement ring, Smith says. People receiving your holiday letters already like you. No need to impress them; just share from your heart. If you're stuck on what to write try these Christmas card messages.

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