Holiday Tipping: Who (and How Much) Should You Be Tipping?

Holiday Tipping: Who (and How Much) Should You Be Tipping?


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Holiday tip: $50 to $60 or one day's pay

The person who scrubs your toilet and makes your kitchen sink sparkle definitely deserves a holiday treat. Gift bags and gift cards are always appreciated, but if you know your housekeeper could use the extra money, then go for the tip. For a housekeeper that comes in once a week, the equivalent of a day's pay or $50 is ideal. You might want to dole out a little more though since the median holiday tip, per the Consumer Reports survey, is $65. If you travel often, remember to tip the housekeeping staff this much.

Fitness instructor

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Holiday tip: The price of one session 

This person helps whip you into shape and showing thanks is always a nice gesture. An acceptable holiday tip is equivalent to the price of one session, or if you see your fitness instructor multiple times a week, a more substantial gift works too. You can always be cute with this gift and get them some gear you know they'll love and get good use out of, such as a gym bag or athletic wear. Use our ultimate gift guide to find the right present for your fitness instructor and everyone else on your list.



Holiday tip: $50 to $100

As the doorman (or woman) opens the door for you daily, helps you hail cabs, and holds your packages for you, a holiday tip is well-deserved. There's typically a standard amount to tip depending on your building, city, location, and if you're living in a rental or co-op. If you're not sure how much to give, feel free to check with neighbors and give cash or a gift card of equal value. A safe general budget range is also $50 to $100, depending on extra duties. Also make sure you're not giving any of these gifts that send the wrong message.

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