John Abraham Birthday Special: The Batla House Actor's Secret Behind His Chiseled Body

John Abraham Birthday Special: The Batla House Actor's Secret Behind His Chiseled Body
John Abraham Birthday Special: The Batla House Actor's Secret Behind His Chiseled Body

John Abraham is one actor who has always maintained his chiselled physique. Let's look at the superstar's diet and fitness routine

Model turned actor John Abraham is looked like someone who has maintained his powerful muscular body since his debut in the film industry. Although, it is lesser-known to someone that he is also a film producer, with his film Vicky Donar being awarded a National Film Award for Best Popular Film. He's not only a style icon but also a fitness idol too. His recent portrayals as a cop or an undercover agent has not just made him the action man of Bollywood cinema but also an idol for those many fitness enthusiasts who wish to have a body like John.


He has always been an epitome of fitness for people who want ripped physic. But it is also certain that to maintain physic like him, one has to train hard, and also follow a strict diet regime too. On his birthday, let's look at what diet the star actor follows, and what is his workout regime like as stated in John Abraham's fitness website:

John Abraham Diet Routine

For the body John has, it is sure that he follows a diet, which is high on protein for he is extensively into muscle building. Hie diet on regular day looks somewhat like:

  • Breakfast: Usually, John prefers a substantial breakfast. His 1st meal includes 6-7 egg whites, a few slices of toast with butter. He also takes 10 almonds and fruit juice before working out.
  • Snack 1: Pasta for its carbs quotient, Whey proteins and salad.
  • Lunch: Chapattis, 3-4 slices of steamed fish with spinach, fried vegetables and yellow pulses. His lunch is comprised of simple foods.
  • Snack 2:  His evening diet mostly focuses on protein, which includes 3-4 egg whites, mashed potatoes, apple, orange, sweet lime or papaya.
  • Dinner: Dinner is focused on light food like soups, corn and a vegetarian supper. His dinner includes soup, salads, and veggies.

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John Abraham Fitness Workout

John's workout plan is divided into 7 different days with each day concerning a particular body part. Although every day after the workout, he would run for almost 20-25 mins, not proper running but at a brisk speed.

  • Monday (Chest) – Flat bench press, incline dumbbell press, decline pullover, cable cross over
  • Tuesday (Shoulder) – barbell shoulder press, dumbbell Arnold press, dumbbell lateral raise, front raise,
  • Wednesday (Biceps) – barbell curl, dumbbell alternate bicep curl, concentration curls,
  • Thursday (Triceps) – dumbbell tricep kickback, close grip bench press, cable pushdown,
  • Friday (Forearms) – barbell wrist curl, palms down dumbbell wrist curl,
  • Saturday (Back) – Barbell deadlift, pull-ups, wide grip lat pull down, cable seated row, one-arm dumbbell row
  • Sunday (Legs) – Barbell front squat, leg press, seated leg curl, calf press, leg extension
  • Every alternate day (Cardio) – treadmill running & walking
  • Alternate days (Abs) – Exercise ball reverse crunch, hanging leg raise, plank, leg raise.

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Some tips that John believes in when it comes to fitness and weight management:

  • There should be no crash diets
  • There is no need to cut down in carb content completely
  • One should have a disciplined lifestyle when it comes to working out
  • One should avoid too many late nights for the body to rest properly before and after workouts
  • Sleep and water both are important

Written by: Siddharth Kr Singh

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