The New Year’s Resolutions 14 CEOs Are Making for 2020

The New Year's Resolutions 14 CEOs Are Making for 2020

"I'm going to increase recycling personally, in my company, and in the country"

John A. Hayes resolutionCourtesy Ball Corporation, Shutterstock

The health of the planet is a concern that weighs heavily on all of us these days, so it makes sense to increase our resolve to take care of it. John A. Hayes, Chairman, President, and CEO of Ball Corporation, has decided that 2020 will be the year he focuses on switching from disposable plastics—especially food and beverage containers—to more sustainable and recyclable materials. And thanks to his position, he is able to encourage recycling on a scale far beyond his own garbage can. "This year, in addition to trading out my own plastic water bottles for aluminum ones, I'm going to advocate to our customers, retailers, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders who help inform—and in some cases make—our choices in everyday life," he explains.

"I'm going to quit sleeping with my phone"

mitali saxena resolutionCourtesy Mitali Saxena, Shutterstock

Most of us know how bad phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices with screens are right before bed, as the blue light can disrupt sleep. (In fact, most sleep experts recommend turning screens off at least one hour before bed.) But knowing it is one thing. Doing it is entirely another. Mitali Saxena, founder and CEO of Fashom, is one of those people who's guilty of falling asleep with her phone. "This year, I'm resolving to turn off my cell phone at 10:30 p.m., and I'll no longer keep it on my bedside table. Instead, I'll store it out of reach, like in another room, so it won't be the first thing I reach for in the mornings," she says. "Doing this will help me be able to shut off my brain completely before going to bed so I won't wake up with the same stress."

This is a great idea for everyone. Removing digital devices from the bedroom significantly improves sleep, according to a study published in Pediatrics. Also, make sure you're not engaging in these other innocent habits that are completely ruining your sleep quality.

"I'm going to read less but remember more"

Abhi Lokesh resolutionCourtesy Fracture, Shutterstock

Thanks to all our tech, many of us spend our days reading, almost endlessly. But how much are we actually remembering? Abhi Lokesh, the CEO and co-founder of Fracture, found himself stuck in this fruitless cycle, so he's come up with an unconventional strategy to make 2020 different. "I've got so many good books on my reading list that I usually end up skimming, leaving me unsatisfied and unable to really remember much of anything I read," he explains. "Instead, this year I am committing to reading only two books. I'll read for no more than 30 minutes each day during work, and after each reading session, I'll take notes on what I've read to truly let it sink in." Next, try these 12 strategies to get smarter in your spare time.

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