12 Password Mistakes That Hackers Hope You’ll Make

12 Password Mistakes That Hackers Hope You'll Make

Passwords are supposed to keep us safe, but they can be an open door for hackers to attack our finances and identity. Here's how you can protect yourself.

Common mistakes, big problems

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Password hacking is in the news with alarming regularity. Recently, thousands of Disney+ customers lost their accounts in a mass hack attack within days of the new streaming service's launch. As reported by The Market Realist, those hacked accounts were then sold on the dark web. While large-scale attacks like this can make consumers feel helpless, there are steps we can all take to protect our passwords and our data. Some of them are common sense (don't use the same password for every site!), and some aren't quite as obvious. Read on to learn the most common password mistakes that hackers hope you'll make. And while brushing up on your cybersecurity knowledge, make sure you know what happens when you ignore those security warnings on your computer.

Choosing an easy-to-guess password

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"Common mistakes people make with passwords make them easily hackable. Those mistakes include using easy passwords like birthdays, creating common passwords like 1234, using brand names, pop-culture references, or sports to create a password." —Elias Manolopoulos, founder of Aeon Ads. You'll want to change your settings immediately if you use any of these 25 passwords.

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