12 Things Supermarkets Aren’t Cleaning As They Should

12 Things Supermarkets Aren't Cleaning As They Should

Watch out for these common things that experts say put the "gross" in "grocery."

Food for thought

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As the place where you get your food, you obviously want your local supermarket to be as clean as possible. But most supermarkets are pretty big, busy places, and it can be tough for employees to keep every inch spotless. What's more, supermarkets see so much traffic from people—people who are potentially carrying germs. "Supermarkets are filled with a diverse community of people, which are bringing different bacteria from their homes, workplaces, cars, and more," explains Colleen Costello, co-founder and CEO of Vital Vio, a company that produces chemical-free LED lighting to kill bacteria. These people, of course, "are gathered around an area full of food—and not only touching this food, but touching the carts, shelves, and self-checkouts," she explains. What spots in particular tend to get passed over in the cleaning process—and what can you do to make sure you and your food stay safe? Areas they're skimping on cleaning are just some of the things grocery stores don't want you to know.


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This bit of news, while unwelcome, shouldn't come as a surprise. Those cart handles, which you spend most of your grocery trip clutching, don't get cleaned nearly as often as they should. And it's not even just the handles. "In my three years at the grocery store, I never once witnessed any employee significantly clean any cart," says Derek Hales, the Editor-in-Chief of Modern Castle, who spent three years working at a popular Midwestern supermarket. "Our only instructions were to remove any bags, items, or papers left behind. The carts were never cleaned beyond that." This is good reason to carry some wipes and/or hand sanitizer with you when you go food shopping. "A quick wipe-down of the grocery cart handle, or sanitizing your hands before and after entering the store, could make a difference in whether you pick up these germs or not," Costello suggests. Here are some more things you should definitely wash your hands immediately after touching.

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