15 Rarely Seen Photos of the Incomparable Betty White

15 Rarely Seen Photos of the Incomparable Betty White

Golden Girl Betty White is celebrating her 98th birthday in January 2020—and she looks as good and lively as ever! Celebrate with these fun and sweet photos of her throughout her illustrious career.

Happy birthday, Betty!

Betty White June 20, 2015Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

Betty Marion White was born on January 17, 1922, in Illinois, and it didn't take her long to start making waves in the entertainment industry. Even before she gained television stardom, she appeared on several different radio shows throughout the 1940s—including her own, The Betty White Show. Her career would soar through several more decades, and as it enters another one, she's become revered as a larger-than-life cultural icon. In addition to this gorgeous shot, taken at a Los Angeles Zoo gala in 2015 when White was 93, here are some of our favorite photos of her through the years.

Puppy love

Betty White feeding her huge St. Bernard, StormyBettmann/Getty Images

Just when you thought Betty White couldn't get any more delightful, turns out she's a big-time dog person! Betty White, age 32, was starring in—and, breaking the norms at the time, producing—Life with Elizabeth when this 1954 photo was taken. Here, she feeds her massive St. Bernard, Stormy, one of several dogs she's owned throughout her life. Here are some more precious vintage photos of dogs being our best friends.

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