17 Things Your Cat Actually Wants from You

17 Things Your Cat Actually Wants from You

A sunny spot to snooze

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Cats love sunshine so much that it may seem like some days all they do is follow the sunny spot as it moves across the floor. "Cats love nothing more than a warm, comfy place to sleep," says Sara Ochoa, DVM, a veterinarian and consultant for DogLab. "Favorite spots are basking in the sun or on a pile of freshly dried clothes, but really, anywhere your cat can find that it is warm, they will sleep there." You can help your cat by making sure their bed is in a warm spot and keeping a sunny area clear for them to lounge in. Already knew that tidbit? See if you can pass this cat trivia quiz.

Daily litter cleanings

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Yes, you read that right: Cats need to have their litter scooped every single day, Mantilla says. Sorry to add an extra chore to your daily to-do list, but your cat really, really wants a clean space to do their business in. Any buildup can be distressing for them. So, in addition to having an additional litter box available, Mantilla recommends taking a few minutes each day to clean out their litter and to add fresh litter when needed.

Snuggles—but on their terms

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Cat owners love cuddling their kitties, and cats love being cuddled…sometimes…and only on their terms. "Unlike dogs, cats aren't pack animals and would not be in a long-term family situation in the wild," Mantilla says. "Forced cuddling or petting makes your cat wary whenever you come around." If you want affection from your cat, it's best to let your cat come to you on their own. Mantilla suggests placing a soft blanket or other items your cat loves near you on the couch and then wait for the magic to happen. By the way, this is why cats purr. (Hint: It doesn't always mean they're happy.)

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