Good For Your Sleep: Having Sleep Troubles? These Dietary Additions Can Help You Sleep Better

Good For Your Sleep: Having Sleep Troubles? These Dietary Additions Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the most integral parts of living. It is the recharging time for the body and mind. As per a study, 93% Indians are sleep deprived. Lack of proper sleep restricts the spectrum of our efficiency. People who are, sleep deficient lack, innovation. Apart from the common issues of being lethargic, sluggish and fatigued all-day, sleep deficiency is also an invitation to many diseases. Heart stroke, high blood pressure, kidney damage, diabetes, etc are a few of those disorders. Hence it becomes extremely vital to take a proper good night sleep. But here the question arises are 93% of people who are sleep deprived, working in the sleeping hours? 


Out of this 93 %, most of them are suffering from insomnia. Sleeping pills are left as the only options then, which probably is a misconception. Sleeping pills being pretty unhealthy has a lot of side effects like dizziness, sore throat, dry mouth, and diarrhea, apart is also not a permanent option for getting into a proper sleep-wake cycle. Many natural food products can omit your sleep-wake cycle, relying on them, apart from using them as a sleep-inducing supplement, it will also work on the cause i.e. on curing your insomnia. 

So here we have a list of these sleep-inducing food products. 

Tryptophan rich food

Tryptophan is a protein mostly found in milk. This also explains the fact, why a glass of lukewarm milk helps you to take a soothing night nap. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Other than milk, eggs, cheese, pineapple, tofu are a few of tryptophan-rich foods. 


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Sleep inducing snacking options

The word 'snacks' is quite stereotypical and synonymous to tasty. Having said that does not mean that these tasty options can't be healthy and sleep-inducing. Peanuts, cheese with strawberries, pistachios are few extremely tasty, healthy, and, sleep-inducing snacking items. 

Light meals

As the name depicts light meal is very different. Light meal refers to the meals which are not heavy for the digestive system. Having certain things like kiwi, dumplings, tart cherry juice, almonds can be the light meals before plugging off to bed, which could work as sleep-inducing agents. 



Onions are rich in L-tryptophans, This makes it an sleep inducing agent. Onions are also full of other benefits such as it works as an anti-inflammatory product, has triglycerides, maintains sugar level in the body as it has lower quantities of sugar and it also has vitamin B6. 

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Honey and cinnamon

Having a glass infused with honey and cinnamon before hitting the bed will act as a sleep inducer. Honey stimulates the liver and increases the amount of insulin. It also triggers the influx of tryptophan in the brain. Having said that, this explains the reason for how honey and cinnamon detox drink can stimulate sleep. Apart from this, honey being a superfood, has a lot of other health benefits, too. 

In the case of insomnia, it is always advisable to take medical help, relying on these food supplements can accelerate the healing process and in the long run, it may wave off your medication dependency for sleep. 

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