#MondayMotivation: Tips For Working Parents After Childbirth

#MondayMotivation: Tips For Working Parents After Childbirth

Parenting is a full-time job that both parents should take up. It isn't only a mother's sole responsibility to take care of the baby but also the father's. In modern-day parenting where both the partners are working, the division of responsibilities is very important. While your world would revolve around your infant, there are other important things too that need to be taken care of such as finances.

Zumba ambassador Sucheta Pal, who recently welcomed her first child gave away some important parenting tips for working parents after childbirth. "My women if you expect your partner to equally contribute in parenting then it's only fair that you equally contribute financially even during your maternity break," reads Sucheta's statement on her Instagram post.

Ways to manage life after childbirth

Life gets tough post-delivery for both mother and father. Dull faces and dark circles around the eyes tell the story of sleepless nights. For days or maybe weeks, you'd not get to sleep for more than 3-4 hours a day which is sure to take a toll on your physical and mental health. All you'd crave for is peace and rest but that's a far-fetched reality with a newborn. If you don't want parenthood to burden your life either emotionally or financially, here are some helpful takeaways:

Don't take maternity leisure too seriously

Think of yourself as a single mom. Would you then have the luxury to just quit because of childbirth? So get into the 'independent woman' mindset asap. This would help you recover post-delivery. Get active and take baby steps to resume work post motherhood. This goes the same for a father on paternity leave.

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Financial stability before baby's arrival

Now that you have taken responsibility and have the right mindset, remember that to achieve financial stability during your maternity break requires min 1-2 years of solid pre-planning.

Tip: start saving and investing, work double-time and triple-hard before you start pregnancy to earn that extra buck. 

Plan beforehand

The right thing to do is work hard and smart in advance to avoid the financial burden on your partner when you do take that break. "I am still working from home (some crazy projects coming up soon) and it's such a great feeling to maintain my work life so that Vivek can also take one-month paternity break with no pressure," quotes Sucheta.

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Find alternatives to work from home

A great way to keep finances in place is to start a side-hustle that you can work on right after child-birth (without your physical presence) or ask your boss how you can work from home in your present job. Most companies will accommodate if you are a professional.

These are very simple and feasible options if you wish to stay physically, emotionally and financially strong in the early parenthood days. Otherwise, you might stress out yourself for the instability. Enjoy parenthood, this time won't return.

(With Inputs From Sucheta Pal's Official Instagram)

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