The Quirkiest City in Every State

The Quirkiest City in Every State

If traveling more across America is on your bucket list, these are the offbeat treasures you need to see in every state.

Quirkiness Is All Around

Cyclone roller coasterJames Kirkikis/shutterstock

Ask anyone to name the quirkiest city in America and you'll probably hear New York City, New Orleans, Keywest, or even Austin, Texas or Portland, Oregon—as the latter two have "weird" in their town mottos. But quirkiness is in the "eye of the beholder," and examples can be found in some places you'd never guess. Scroll on to learn about the range of charming oddities that can make a town seem "quirky." Then come back to discover how these 8 U.S. towns got their quirky nicknames.

Alabama: Mobile

MOBILE, AL -25 AUG 2018- View of the Mobile Carnival Museum, located in the historic Bernstein-Bush mansion on Government Street in downtown Mobile, Alabama.EQRoy/Shutterstock

New Orleans may be the hottest Mardi Gras destination now, but the first-ever Mardi Gras celebration held in America actually took place in Mobile, Alabama. This is a big part of the city's rich history, which you can see at the Mobile Carnival Museum. Preserved floats, crowns, and extravagant costumes help make Mobile a place with a ton of character. There are many other places to celebrate Mardi Gras besides New Orleans, you know!

Alaska: North Pole

The beautiful santa claus house on MAR 18, 2015 at FairbanksKit Leong/shutterstock

Yes, as in the place where Santa Clause lives! In this Alaska town, it is Christmas 24/7. The town used to be named Davis, but the name was legally changed in 1952 to reflect the whimsy and joy of the Christmas stories that kids of all ages cherish. If you want to be wowed, check out these photos of Alaska you've probably never seen before.

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