12 New Features You’re Going to Start Seeing in Airports

12 New Features You're Going to Start Seeing in Airports

Yoga studios

A traveler stops to look inside the new Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport's terminal two on January 26, 2012 in San Francisco, California.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Often times, the worst part of travel is the actual traveling. Airports are beginning to understand the role they play in adding to the hectic nature of life. Travel and Leisure notes that, "If you have ever felt the need to do a little deep breathing or stretch into a lotus pose to calm any travel-related stress, we understand. So do airports, which are increasingly offering yoga rooms to fliers—safe spaces where they can stretch, meditate, and relax." The magazine adds that at least six U.S. airports offer yoga rooms. That modest number should rise steadily over the coming months and years. Getting connected to your own inner peace is important…as is hopping onboard the airport Wi-Fi to finish that report for your client. Here's a map with airport Wi-Fi passwords all over the world.


People walk through the north concourse of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal during its unveiling at Los Angeles International Airport on March 6, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

New terminals in Los Angeles and Orlando are leading modern airport design into the light, literally. According to Airport-World.com, travelers passing through LAX's new Tom Bradley International Terminal will be, "bathed in daylight and afforded expansive views to the outdoors as well as a variety of integrated media displays, which project kinetic video installations of light and destination information as well as art and entertainment." While in Orlando's South Terminal Complex due to open in 2021, fliers coming from and going to Disney and Universal will be welcomed to spend time in, "Palm Court and Town Square—two keystone civic spaces within Orlando's South Terminal—will lie just beyond security and be linked by a sky-lit pedestrian boulevard interspersed with plazas containing an array of amenities and entertainment. Palm Court, the grandest of these spaces, will house a garden-like setting that combines informal lounge seating, international retail, and dynamic media installations." Watch out for these things you should never do on an airplane.

Sound meditation

Tibetan musical instrument on yoga mat with lights in backgroundC.Mae Design/Getty Images

While some stressed-out travelers would think a quiet space for silent meditation might be what they want, influential wellness guru Maraliz Campos is bucking conventional wisdom, per Vane Magazine. One of Wanderlust's Wellness 35 under 35, Campos believes that by, "Introducing calming sounds into the symphony of noise, she can reframe the ways we interpret or 'listen' to what we call noise pollution." She is providing these accessible experiences, in public spaces like airports, "So that people who might not otherwise be exposed to these instruments or stress reduction methods might have a chance to explore something new and powerful," insisting that, "If we hide behind clean studios and high-end events, we are stealing the opportunity for a broader audience to change their lives in this particular way." Follow these 12 golden rules for stress-free air travel.

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