12 Spring Celebrations Around the World

12 Spring Celebrations Around the World

Colorful bracelets in Bulgaria

Martenitsa Martenitsi Bulgaria spring nikolay100/Getty Images

Bulgarians acknowledge springtime before it even arrives. On March 1st, they exchange "Martenitsi" (singular: Martenitsa), red-and-white twined bracelets and decorations. Bulgarians wear the bracelets or pin the decorations to their clothes in anticipation of the change of season. Whenever people see the first stork in the sky or blossom on a fruit tree—usually around the first day of spring—they take off the Martenitsi and tie them to the blooming branch. As flowers unfurl and springtime begins, you can see red-and-white strings tied up in gardens and parks all across Bulgaria.

Ancient rituals in Teotihuacan, Mexico

mexico Pyramid Of The Sun On Spring EquinoxSusana Gonzalez/Getty Images

Imagine thousands of people, all dressed alike, welcoming the season with their hands held high. Every year, tourists travel to the Teotihuacan Pyramid to do just that. Dressed all in white, they gather at the base, raise their arms to the sky, and welcome the sunshine and energy of springtime. Some even climb hundreds of steps to the top so that they can be a little closer to the sun. According to TripSavvy.com, this ritual is mimicked across several ancient sites in Mexico, though the Teotihuacan Pyramid is the most accessible to visitors coming from nearby Mexico City. For more springtime happenings, read about the history of Cinco de Mayo, another Mexican holiday.

The White House Easter Egg Roll

white house easter egg rollChip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Though Easter occurs after the first day of spring, it doesn't quite feel like spring in D.C. until the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. This tradition dates back to 1878, according to the White House. That's when a gaggle of brave schoolchildren walked right up to the White House lawn and asked to play egg-rolling games there. Fortunately for them, President Rutherford B. Hayes agreed. The egg-rolling competitions have since expanded into a full garden party, complete with cookie and egg decorating and strolling along the tulip-studded gardens. If you love White House trivia, you won't want to miss these facts you never learned in history class about the President's home.

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