13 Hilarious “Product Reviews” of Your Favorite Zoo Animals

13 Hilarious

Giant panda *

hilarious product reviews animal giant pandaCourtesy Timber Press

Says it runs on bamboo, but no matter how much I feed it, it always ends up in sleep mode. Also has so much personality I'm still not convinced it's not just a person in a bear suit.

Welp, that just means there'll be more pandas for us, and it matters because the giant panda is at risk of extinction, with fewer than 2,000 left in the world. With the capacity to grow as large as 330 pounds, the giant panda has to consume as much as 84 pounds of bamboo per day. These 13 fun facts about pandas will make you love them even more.

Northern Saw-whet owl *****

hilarious product reviews animal northern saw whet owlCourtesy Timber Press

This stylish little unit is amazing. Sound quality A+….Top rotates, which is a plus.

The Northern Saw-whet owl, a tiny little species of owl with cat-like eyes, may look adorable, but don't be fooled: if you're a mouse or other tiny woodland animal, this guy won't hesitate to eat your face off. If you're hiking in the woods and you'd like to see one, you're best off listening for its telltale too-too-too call (unless you're a mouse, in which case, you'd best keep your distance). Find out 10 things you never knew about these amazing birds.

Blue-and-yellow macaw ***

hilarious product reviews animal blue and yellow macawCourtesy Timber Press

I ordered an audio recorder and received this….Playback feature sometimes doesn't work, and there is no volume control. I decided to keep it because of the cool colors.

The blue-and-yellow macaw is, indeed, a bit of recording device, but it is also, as the reviewer noted, much more useful as an object of physical beauty. Vibrantly colored, these birds are, as their name suggests, blue and yellow, but they're also highlighted with bright green, yellow-orange, and black. If a macaw could talk, here's what it would tell you.

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