Can You Guess the U.S. State from Its Motto?

Can You Guess the U.S. State from Its Motto?

States have flowers, flags, and nicknames. How well do you know your state mottos?

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State Motto #1

we dare defend our rights5W Infographics for Reader's Digest,

A. Mississippi

B. Alabama

C. Louisiana

Answer: Alabama

Alabama State Capitol Building / Star of AlabamaShackleford Photography/Shutterstock

Marie Bankhead Owen, of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, thought of Alabama's state motto, "We Dare Defend our Rights," while doing research for the state's coat of arms. Owen found a poem by 18th-century author Sir William Jones called "What Constitutes a State?" which contains this segment: "Men who their duties know. But know their rights, and knowing, dare maintain." The motto is prominently displayed on the Coat of Arms of Alabama, which was completed in 1923. The Latin phrase is "Audemus jura nostra defendere" and was translated by Professor W. B. Saffold of the University of Alabama. Another translation of the Latin phrase is "We Dare Maintain Our Rights." Make sure you know these astonishing facts about each state.

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