Can You Match the U.S. President with His Dog?

Can You Match the U.S. President with His Dog?

Laddie Boy

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This president won the election by the greatest popular vote margin of the time, but he didn't accomplish much in his presidency. Yet Laddie Boy, an Airdale Terrier, was a media darling. Laddie Boy was 6 months old when he arrived at the White House, a day after the inauguration. Almost daily, the Washington Star and the New York Times featured Laddie Boy, a good distraction from the scandals that marred his pet parent's administration.

President Warren G. Harding

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If Instagram were around back in the 1920s, Laddie Boy—and President Harding—would've been splashed all over it. As it was, according to Smithsonian Magazine, he was "the White House's first celebrity dog." One Smithsonian Institute historian explained, "That dog got a huge amount of attention in the press. There have been famous dogs since, but never anything like this." It was hard for Laddie Boy not to photobomb President Harding and his wife, Florence because they took him everywhere—the golf course, cabinet meetings, and fundraising events.

Unfortunately, Laddie Boy's popularity only went so far. Harding appointed a mix of prominent leaders and shady politicians, and what followed was a series of scandals and corruption that cast a dark shadow over his third year in office. Harding eventually went to Alaska in 1923 to escape the conflicts in Washington but died before he returned to the White House. Check out these surprising legacies left behind by U.S. presidents.


socks the cat and buddy the dogSmith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Buddy, a chocolate Labrador Retriever, was a gift to this president during his second term. He loved the spotlight but didn't want to share it with his cat sibling, Socks, whom he often pestered. Thankfully, things were more peaceful outside the animal kingdom at the White House (for a while, anyway). In fact, while Buddy resided in D.C, the United States enjoyed more peace and economic well-being than at any other time in its history, courtesy of this president. Buddy was no stranger to the Oval Office, and he also often took walks with his president on the White House grounds and traveled to Camp David with him.

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