9 Things You Can Take from Planes—And 6 Things You Can’t

9 Things You Can Take from Planes—And 6 Things You Can't

In-flight socks

in flight socksScottshotz/Getty Images

In-flight socks are another item that cannot be reused by the airline, so it's OK to take them with you as well, according to Deane. After all, who would want to wear socks that have previously been worn by an indefinite amount of people, even if they have been washed?


Female hand putting orange earplugsbee32/Getty Images

Earplugs can save the day when you end up in a particularly loud plane and just want to get some sleep. According to Chris Webber, Head of Marketplace at icelolly.com, they too (unsurprisingly) cannot be reused by the airline. So if you find yourself not using your earplugs on a flight, toss them in your bag and bring them to your next flight just in case. After all, you never know when you'll be faced with a travel nightmare.

In-flight magazine

Passenger in the airplaneriskms/Getty Images

If there is an article you couldn't get to in the in-flight magazine before your flight was over, worry not. It is perfectly OK to take it with you when you leave the plane. "Although in-flight magazines could be reused for the next passenger, it's good advertising for the airline when it's seen out and about with you," says Deane. " The airline would probably encourage you to take it for this reason." In addition to the in-flight magazine, make sure you read up on these airplane hacks that will change the way you fly forever. 

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