11 Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Face Masks

11 Mistakes You're Probably Making with Face Masks

Contaminating it

Stop touching your face. Really. "The thing I've noticed primarily is people not realizing they're touching the mask," Pettis says. "They're adjusting it, fiddling with it, potentially contaminating their hands," or pulling it down to take a quick bite or drink. Any of these actions could introduce the coronavirus or other germs into your nose, mouth, or eyes. If you absolutely must adjust it, clean your hands before and afterward.

"The other thing I've noticed is people pulling the mask down and wearing it around their neck. It's hanging there and collecting germs," Pettis says. "A mask is either on or it's off."

If you wear a mask frequently or always feel like you have to scratch your nose when it's on, consider using an anti-chafing balm like Body Glide or the same company's newest product, Face Glide, which the manufacturer says "forms a dry, invisible barrier to protect your skin against the effects of friction and rubbing."

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