4 Strength Training Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

4 Strength Training Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

4. Mind your manners

While you can't correct the bad behaviours of your fellow gym-goers you can be sure that you aren't that person that everyone on the gym floor ends up annoyed with. Realizing you are in a public space and respecting the fact that equipment needs to be shared will go a long way. "No one wants to hear your music blaring out of your earbuds or hear you singing," says Phelan. "You don't own a machine or a set of weights, especially when it's busy. Generally speaking, doing one set is acceptable, but if you're doing two or three sets in a row, get off the equipment, have your water, then get back on, allowing someone else to work in with you."

Re-racking your weights when you are through with them is a must for Hannay, as is staying off of your phone while on the gym floor. And those folks pumping iron in front of the mirrors? Turns out it's not just about taking selfies. "If someone's weight training in front of a mirror, it means two things: Firstly, they were there first, so it's their space to train in. And second, they are likely using the mirror to cue themselves and/or help with body awareness," she explains. "Wait until they are done before you hone in on their turf."

There's nothing wrong with sweating. That's what we are at the gym for, after all. But all the trainers agreed that wiping down equipment after use is one of the most overlooked (and grossest) behaviours in the weight room.

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