8 Things You’re Not Buying at Zappos—But Should

8 Things You're Not Buying at Zappos—But Should

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Whether you're looking for size four or a size 12 (and even smaller or larger), in ultra-narrow or wide, you've got options. For those who've struggled to find something other than the popular 8 medium, this is a godsend. Plus, of course, they're all right there for your perusal—no specialty stores to scour and no slim pickings. You'll find everything from sandals and flats to boots and sneakers, and all you have to do is choose the proper size filter on the left. Of course, not every shoe is available in every size, but at least you know there's the possibility that you can find what you want.

Sam Edelman's Felicia flats, for example, are available in sizes four through 14, while the new Faryl by Farylrobin sandal collection, which is exclusive to Zappos, come in sizes five to 16. The black-and-white Faryl Montclares shown here are comfy and go with almost everything, but if you're looking for some eye-popping colors, try the Monty. By the way, here's what your favorite shoes say about your personality.

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