10 Medical Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry

10 Medical Reasons Why You're Always Hungry


If you're hungry all the time and eating more than usual but are somehow still dropping pounds, your thyroid could be overproducing hormones, triggering your body to kick things up. "Think of the thyroid as an endocrine hormonal organ that speeds everything in the body up," says Dr. Lofton. "So you would also speed up metabolically, and increase their hunger as a result." The thyroid is also involved in satiety, so you might find your cravings harder to satisfy if it's overactive, says Dr. Levine. See if your hunger is paired with fatigue, moodiness, brittle nails, or hair loss—they're all signs of hyperthyroidism.

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Overeating can lead to weight gain, but in a vicious cycle, obesity itself can also make you hungry all the time. Excess fat could cause your insulin levels to skyrocket, making your appetite go up in response, says Dr. Lofton. Plus, fat cells make your body less sensitive to the satiety hormone, leptin, says Dr. Levine. "Because fat produces its own hormones, part of obesity is that people tend to feel more hungry than someone with higher metabolism and in better shape," she says. Look out for these other sneaky things that could affect your weight, regardless of diet and exercise.

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