9 Unlucky Things to Never Keep in Your Home

9 Unlucky Things to Never Keep in Your Home

An unmade bed

Perhaps concocted by frustrated parents, a superstition warns that not making your bed—or even being interrupted while making it—can doom you to a sleepless night. Try to stay free of distractions when you smooth your sheets and fluff up your pillows; that'll make it more painless anyway. On the flip side, here are some of the luckiest things you should have in your home.

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An open umbrella

Does this one sound familiar? Precautions against opening an umbrella indoors date back further than you might think—as far back as ancient Egypt. In ancient times, bringing any item meant to protect you from the weather into your home was disrespectful to the guardian spirits keeping watch over your dwelling. You were suggesting that the guardians' protection wasn't good enough. Fear of incurring the wrath of a jealous spirit has been enough to keep people warning against opening an umbrella inside ever since. Don't miss this scientific explanation for why you might be haunted by ghosts.

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