This Is the Least Reliable Car in the Industry

This Is the Least Reliable Car in the Industry

Find out the risks that come with this vehicle before buying one yourself.

When you're shopping for a new car, you can't trust all the ads you see on TV or online. Each automaker is going to tout its biggest benefits and go hard at its competitors' flaws. So who can you really trust when deciding on your next car? Fellow drivers who already own the car you're considering.

That's how Consumer Reports gathered the data for its 2019 Annual Auto Survey. Using responses on over 420,000 vehicles, it ranked the most and least reliable cars of the year. Coming in dead last: the Chevrolet Colorado. Plus, find out the car brand with the worst reputation in America.

The rankings for the least reliable car were determined by studying 17 trouble areas ranging from squeaky brakes to major out-of-warranty repairs. The Chevrolet Colorado earned its place as the least reliable due to the model's longtime transmission issues, emission problems, and uncomfortable interior. Look out for these 14 signs your car is about to die.

Chevrolet wasn't the only American car manufacturer to make the list. In fact, six of the ten least reliable vehicles are American made, three of which were manufactured by Chevrolet. In addition to the transmission and fuel and emissions complications, buyers reported trouble with in-car electronics and even a safety recall in the Chevrolet vehicles. Volkswagen was the only other manufacturer to appear more than once on the list; it accounted for two.

Here is the full list of the 10 least reliable cars of 2019, counting down to the worst:

10. Chevrolet Traverse
9. Chrysler Pacifica
8. Tesla Model X
7. Acura MDX
6. Volkswagen Tiguan
5. Volkswagen Atlas
4. Alfa Romeo Giulia
3. Jeep Wrangler
2. Chevrolet Camaro
1. Chevrolet Colorado

So if you're in the market for a new vehicle, you'd be wise to avoid these makes and models. And for those who already own any car on this list, never fear. Regardless of what you drive, all drivers can benefit from these 74 maintenance tips that will extend the life of your car.


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