TripAdvisor’s 25 Most Saved Hotels of 2020

TripAdvisor's 25 Most Saved Hotels of 2020

The ultimate post-pandemic travel list

If you've been dreaming about traveling the world while staying safe at home, you're not alone. Many Americans have been following the CDC's travel recommendations and mitigating their risks of contracting and spreading coronavirus by staying local, but they're letting their minds wander. According to TripAdvisor, users have been virtually exploring the country on the site and saving their favorite hotels for when they can hit the road again.

So, what are travelers looking for? The top 25 choices for the most saved properties all fall into just four categories. The hustle and bustle of New York City, especially in the heart of Times Square, tops the list with eight hotels. Next up: The sun and fun of Florida, especially Orlando, with seven hotels. The nonstop entertainment of the Las Vegas Strip is another top choice on the travel wish list with five hotels. And finally, tropical dreams are awaiting in Hawaii with five properties on TripAdvisor's list. Check out the results to see if the same spots are calling your name for future travels, and then take a look at the most popular virtual tour in every state for even more inspiration.

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