5 Reasons To Consider Live-In Care As A Senior

5 Reasons To Consider Live-In Care As A Senior

While most aging seniors hope to hold onto their ability to manage their everyday lives without the help of anyone, often, age takes a toll, and senior care is essential. With that said, you will have the option of live-in care or a care home. Whether you are making the decision for yourself or your loved one, there's no doubt you want to make the best decision that won't hinder the quality of life, comfort, and other vital factors. To ensure you can make the best decision, we have listed five main reasons you should consider live-in care.

Independence Is Not Lost

The most notable difference between a live-in carer and a care home is that the patient will hold onto their independence. When opting for a care home, seniors are placed in the facility and often feel as though they are not treated as individuals any longer, as they become more aware that they are a patient receiving health care. A live-in carer will provide the necessary care without interrupting the daily schedule of the senior, so you can keep on preparing your meals as you did and keep the rest of your daily habits intact without having to conform to the schedule of a care home.

Studies also confirm that patients who opt for live-in care are more optimistic as they have a healthier lifestyle. In contrast, those that opted to move to care homes gradually lost the ability to complete various daily activities that they once could. This is likely the result of the routine variance.

Mental And Physical Wellbeing

Because there's genuinely is no place like home, seniors that opt for to use a service like the live-in care company feel far more comfortable daily, which is beneficial for mental wellbeing. You or your loved one won't have to endure the challenge of adjusting to a new environment, new neighboring patients, and of course, a new daily routine. The factor of comfort is an important one to take into consideration when choosing the right type of senior care.

There is tons of evidence to indicate that aging comes with feelings of loneliness that can even spiral into depression, so holding onto the comfort of your home and your surroundings will protect your mental wellbeing. What's more, expert live-in care will contribute to heightened self-confidence and emotional positivity, which will directly and positively impact physical wellbeing.

Stay In Control

As mentioned, the routine of a care home can be a challenging adjustment for any senior, regardless of their physical and mental health. Because the only change you or your loved one will need to adjust to is the presence and assistance of an expert carer, more control can be maintained. Therefore, the control that you or your loved one has over daily decision-making and other details won't be lost at all.

Care homes have strict visiting hours more often than not, which means the family of the senior will have to conform to visiting only within set times. On the other hand, opting for a live-in carer means you or your loved one can have guests over at absolutely anytime, ensuring that they remain in control of their own lives.

The More Affordable Option

Care homes are often not a pocket-friendly option, and while there is a variety of homes out there that range in costs, the pricier ones may be out of your budget. In contrast, a live-in carer is usually the more affordable option for families and seniors. In addition to this, when opting for live-in care, you won't be paying for any extras that you don't really need. The cost of a care home will include various things you may feel are unnecessary.

Stay Within The Community

For most elderly individuals, their community is quite important; they know all the neighbors and their surroundings well, as retirement is significantly less busy than life for younger generations. As a result, leaving the community to move to a care home can be a massively depressing move as they won't just be leaving behind their homes, but also their neighbors, their family, and their favorite local shops.

You or your loved one may play an important role in the community, and losing such a role could impact mental wellbeing and emotional health. The alternative option of opting for live-in care means you or your loved one doesn't have to go anywhere.

Expert live-in carers also often become friends with the senior or patient, as the relationship is far more personal than that of patients in senior care facilities as medical staff needs to tend to many seniors or patients daily. The many benefits of live-in care are undeniable, and even fragile seniors with age-related mental and physical health conditions can benefit from the decision. Because a care home is not the only option, you should weigh out all the pros and cons of both options before deciding what's best for you and your family.

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