6 Huge Reasons to Consider Consuming CBD Edibles

6 Huge Reasons to Consider Consuming CBD Edibles

CBD has a number of health benefits. Even major health publications like HealthLine are addressing some of them.

As more people become aware of the benefits of taking CBD, they need guidance on how to do so. This includes figuring out the best type of CBD products to take.

One of the factors that make CBD so attractive to users is the substance's versatility. There are many ways to take it, with CBD oils and CBD vape-liquids being among the most popular options. But CBD edibles are also very popular, and they come with their own set of advantages. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider giving CBD edibles a try.

1 – Flavor

CBD is credited with having many health benefits, but you'll notice that very few people describe CBD as "delicious", and that's because it isn't. Full-spectrum CBD has a taste that is often described as "earthly", which comes from the fact that this type of CBD contains several hemp byproducts as part of its composition. Which is healthy, but doesn't do much for the taste.

Luckily, flavor is an area where CBD edibles thrive. CBD can be added to all sorts of foods, including CBD gummies, honey, jam, coffee, and more, all leading to delicious final products that also provide all the benefits associated with CBD use.

2 – Convenience

While CBD dabs, e-liquids, and waxes all need heat and special tools to be consumed, edibles are much simpler. A CBD gummy is stable at room temperature and can be used anywhere with no need for heat, tools, or any setup. The same goes for CBD chocolates, capsules, lollipops, and many other edible options. In terms of convenience, edibles are only matched by placing CBD oil under your tongue, and even that requires the use of a dropper.

3 – Discretion

CBD is now legal in many areas around the world, but many still have an issue with others using the substance. This means there are a variety of situations where one might want to use CBD without alerting people around them, and edibles are the best way to achieve that goal. The fact that edibles need no additional tools to be consumed already makes them easier to consume discreetly, and the wealth of options available in the edible market also help in this department.

Think people will ask questions if you start carrying gummies around? Just take a sandwich made with CBD jam to work instead. You can sweeten your tea with CBD honey, add CBD oil to your daily coffee, or even mix CBD isolate with sparkly water you can drink during a hike through nature. The possibilities for flying under the radar are endless.

4 – Routine

The many forms of edibles also make it easier for you to turn CBD into part of your routine. It's easier to replace your morning coffee with CBD coffee than to train yourself to start using CBD oil every morning.

And there are genuine reasons why one should take CBD every day, or even several times a day. The substance builds in your organism over time, meaning that regular use is likely to boost its effectiveness.

5 – Duration

One of the drawbacks of using edibles is that they generally take longer to go into effect. While you may feel the effects of vaped CBD within minutes, an edible can take as long as an hour to kick in.

The good news is that once edibles become active, they can also stay active for much longer. Edibles easily last twice as long as other alternatives, sometimes staying active for more than six hours, depending on what your last meal was and how much CBD you consumed, among other factors.

6 – Easy to make

The price of CBD edibles can be discouraging at times. Now that the substance has become a popular health trend, manufacturers have started using it as a license to print money. Everything from chocolate bars to sodas and even beers gets a massive markup once the word "CBD" is written on their label. And while this price hike might not make a big difference if you plan to try CBD once or twice out of curiosity, it can add up to a lot of money if you decide to make the substance part of your daily routine.

However, this is not as big an issue as it seems. Because while store-bought edibles can be quite expensive, making your own edibles is fairly easy. CBD is both quite stable and quite versatile, meaning that adding it to different recipes doesn't require much special care or any type of special equipment. It is fairly easy to make CBD oil as well, but equally easy to make CBD edibles.

Making CBD gummies, for example, as simple as following the process of making regular gummies, and adding CBD to the gelatin mix before your pour it into molds. CBD chocolate is similarly easy to make — just melt it down and add CBD. And as mentioned, CBD oil or isolate can easily be added to tea or coffee for a convenient and flavorful way to take the substance.

Making your own edibles also makes it easier to control the final product. You can make sure your CBD chocolate bar doesn't have any extra sugars or additives added to it, or make CBD gummies made entirely from vegan ingredients.

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